Byomkesh Quiz 2 – Arthamanartham (অর্থমনর্থম্‌)

This is the second part of a series of trivia quizzes on Byomkesh Bakshi. This quiz is based on the story, Arthamanartham. If you’ve read the book or seen the television episode, then you should have no trouble answering these questions.


*1. Byomkesh first meets Satyabati, his future wife, in Arthamanartham. Whose murder was he investigating in this story?

2. Who did Bidhubabu, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, first suspect was the criminal? Who did suspicion later turn to?

3. Byomkesh mentions that the murder by putting a sewing needle in between the medulla and vertebra reminds him of Sir Walter Scott historical novel. What is the name of this novel? On a related note, what book was marked with a red pencil in Sukumar’s room?

4. What sewing tool was Byomkesh looking for? (Hint: Byomkesh even asked Ajit what the Bengali for this tool was.)

5. How many spoons of sugar did Karalibabu prefer in his tea and how many did Satyabati give him in the morning?


*1. Karali Charan Basu

2. Matilal Kar, and then after damning evidence was found in his room, Sukumar.

3. Bride of Lammermoor. The book in Sukumar’s room was Gray’s Anatomy

4. Byomkesh was looking for a thimble. The sewing needle was found at the crime-scene, but a thimble was not.

5. Karalibabu preferred 3-4 teaspoons of sugar, but Satyabati forgot to add any that morning.

*Questions similar to the ones marked with an asterisk were also asked in BBC Mastermind India, 2000.

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