About Byomkesh.com

This website is primarily a tribute to Byomkesh Bakshi, the Bengali detective created by Saradindu Bandyopadhyay that we grew up reading. As such, the primary focus is Byomkesh in the original literature (although the on-screen adaptations were pretty damn good too!)

A bit about me, now.  I’ve contributed a lot to Wikipedia going so far as to create original encyclopedia entries for Ajit Bandyopadhyay, Tenida, Ghanada, Harshabardhan, Handa Bhonda, and Nonte Phonte. I’ve also worked extensively on Byomkesh and other related content. Recently these articles look like they need serious copyediting. But because Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that anyone can edit (even those that do not have the basic skills to edit), these articles continue to languish. In any case I still look forward to continuing to work with others on improving these articles in Wikipedia  and bringing our beloved Bengali characters to the internet. However, an encyclopedia is also not the place for nuanced discussions, hence the necessity for websites such as this one.

Anyone, and everyone is welcome to join in the discussion. Depending on your level of commitment and skill in English or Bengali, you’ll be able to contribute original posts (and you will retain the copyright for anything that you write here).

A few ground rules first:

1) We abide by all copyright laws. I know that the internet makes it very easy to fall to the urge to post a link to a drawing, writing, or feature film. However, if you do not own the copyright or do not have the written permission from the copyright-holder you will not be allowed to post copyrighted material.

2) We have no tolerance for spammers. We are not trying to sell you anything. We are not trying to make you click on links for money. We are not collecting your email addresses to make a profit. We expect the same from you.

3) Respect the author. Respect each other. But feel free to disagree or to provide constructive criticism (the operative word here being constructive).

4) Finally, our goal is to have fun, so have at it!

Best wishes…