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Thanks for stopping by www.byomkesh.com. Here we will discuss the original writings of Saradindu Bandyopadhyay as well as derivative works such as the Satyajit Ray film, Chiriyakhana and the Basu Chatterjee television series aired on Doordarshan. We hope you will find this website useful and that you decide to join us in our ongoing discussions!

A list of what you will NOT find here:

  • You will not find any links to original or derivative works that are subject to copyright.
  • You will not find synopses of books or films here. This is a forum for serious discussion. For the basics refer to Wikipedia.

The opinions expressed herein are solely that of the authors. All content is copyrighted with registration  in both United States and India, but you may reuse anything you contribute here. All images are either self-created or  come with a valid fair-use rationale per US and Indian copyright laws.

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12 responses to “Welcome! – স্বাগতম

  1. wazi

    I want to know that is there any probable finishing of the unfinished part-“BishuPAl Bodh”?

  2. wazi

    That means the answer is negative.When did Sarabindu Ch. died? Was he suffering or just normal death? I feel more interest about him.

  3. sandeep

    hi, in btw did u also read kiriti roy stories

  4. shruti

    The story was finished by Naranyan Sanyal, after death of Sharadindu Bandopadhyay. but it is not available to public right now, due to the copyright law of our country. but it will be published in Narayan Sanyal’s book of Kanta Series, from Dey’s Publishing, after 22.9.2020.

  5. Rana Biswas

    Name of the Story which written by Mr Narayan Sanyal in Kanta Series.

  6. NIO

    I want to know about the last story of the sharadhindu Bandopadhyay I mean bishupal bodh story . I know it’s incomplete story but I wanna read it in Hindi or English ..

  7. Shruti

    https://www.facebook.com/fcibl/ check this page. the ‘Bishupalbadh-Upasanhar’ is posted here.

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  9. Tanumay

    We want to do a play based on one of the Byomkesh stories. Can you please us whom should we contact for permission?

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