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Byomkesh Quiz 8- Monimondon (মণিমন্ডন)

This is the eighth part of a series of trivia quizzes on Byomkesh Bakshi. This quiz is based on the story, Monimondon. If you’ve read the story or seen the television episode, then you should have no trouble answering these questions.


1.  What was stolen from Rasamoy Sarkar’s house?

2.  What was Bhola’s role in the household? When asked by Byomkesh Bakshi what he did outside the Sarkar household for one hour that evening before the theft, what did Bhola say?

3. Where did Bhola’s brother, Bhootnath work?

4. Who was the Police Inspector investigating the case?

5. What was the gift that Rasamoy Sarkar brought from his father for Byomkes for solving the case? Who finally got to keep this gift?

6. What was the animal that Ajit teasingly called Byomkesh because he never spoke?


1.  A diamond necklace

2. Bhola was a personal servant (খাস চাকর). He said he went to buy a gaamcha (গামছা) before spending sometime here and there

3. Bhootnath was a worker in the Postal Department. He was responsible for removing letters from postal-boxes in the area.

4. Inspector Amaresh Mandal was investigating the case.

5. Rasamoy Sarkar brought a diamond ring as a gift from his father. Satyabati took it at the end of the story.

6. Ajit said that Byomkesh was a tortoise (কচ্ছপ) to Satyabati.

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