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Byomkesh Quiz 5- Uposonghaar (উপসংহার)

This is the fifth part of a series of trivia quizzes on Byomkesh Bakshi. This quiz is based on the story, Uposonghaar. If you’ve read the story or seen the television episode, then you should have no trouble answering these questions.


1. What brand of matches did Byomkesh and Ajit use? What was the brand it was replaced with by the suspicious stranger that Byomkesh met?

*2. What was the name that the villain used to introduce himself by in Uposonghaar? What was his actual name?

*3. What is the name of Byomkesh’s faithful servant?

4. How did Byomkesh’s servant remember the number on the taxi that the villain used to escape even though he didn’t know any English?

5. What was the name printed on the letter given to Byomkesh? (Hint: Byomkesh couldn’t remember knowing anyone with this unusual name).

*6. What was the name of the newspaper that Byomkesh read? Whose death in Srirampur was published in this newspaper?

7. The villain took two items that in clear view when he escaped from his quarters. One was a hand-bag; what was the other item?

8. What was the price of the matchbox as advertised in the newspaper?


1. The used the “Horse brand” matches (ঘোড়া মার্কা). The stranger had exchanged it the Satyagrahi brand (সত্যাগ্রহী).

*2. Anukulbabu who Byomkesh first met in Satyanveshi introduced himself as Byomkesh Bose.

3. Puntiram

4. It is true that Puntiram didn’t know any English. Due to extremely good fortune, the number on the license plate which he saw was 8008 (in English) which Puntiram recalled to Byomkesh as 4004 since it resembles ৪০০৪. The character for the number “four” is “৪” in Bengali/Bangla.

5. Kokonod Gupta, a rather odd name that the villain used to indicate his association with cocaine in Satyanveshi.

6. Dainik Kalketu (দৈনিক কালকেতু). The death of an unknown 30-year-old who Byomkesh hoped the villain would think was him had been announced in this newspaper

7. A clay water pot (জলের কুঁজো)

8. One lakh (100,000) Rupees

*Questions similar to the ones marked with an asterisk were also asked in BBC Mastermind India, 2000.

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